It's humbling to be asked to come out and repair or install an HVAC system, as there are a lot of companies out there doing what we do. It tells us that we are doing a good job and lets you know our reputation is pretty solid.

All of the work we do comes with a professional guarantee. So, you never have to worry about us not getting it right. Call us for an estimate or to schedule a time for a seasonal tune-up.

“I thought I had to replace my carpet  – I didn’t.
Carpet Cleaners Charlotte cleaned my carpet and they look like new with no hassle. They saved me a ton, so I’ll definitely recommend them to all my friends.” – Mike P


Operating for more than 15 years, Carpet Cleaners Charlotte is a full-service home carpet Cleaner. And while we are more than capable of handling any type of carpet Cleaning project in Charlotte, our team specializes in repairs and service. By concentrating our efforts, we are able to provide you with better, more efficient service.